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Since 1994, everything they produce is of the highest quality standard. Your trust is what keeps them driven and fuels them to continue doing what they do best.

All the products are handmade with Passion and Will.


A trustworthy and persistent professional partnership is the secret to success, for both, the supplier and the client. They strongly believe that such a partnership is based on three columns: quality, pricing and service. That’s why they closely work with their partners to achieve the best results in order for you to benefit from the best product at the best price.

They apply the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and produce according to the EN ISO 22000:2005 quality assurance protocol. Because of this they can assure you that the quality and safety of our products corresponds to the highest standards on the market. Their strict quality controls, as well as hygiene and trace-ability standards are applied rigorously throughout their entire production cycle.


Their Daily production consists of pork and chicken Gyros, pork and chicken Souvlaki, chicken Breast and chicken Legs, Pancetta and many more. Always based on the specific needs of any restaurant business.

They select their suppliers carefully, in order to maintain our high quality standard. All of their suppliers are certified production units. All of their products are handmade and are available in both raw and frozen form, in Vacuum packaging.


They provide certified traditional and innovative meat products in the domestic market, consistently. They offer their services to professionals effectively. They support businesses efficiently with the ideal recommendations, always within budget and scope.

From traditional restaurants to fast food and gastronomic delicatessen, they emphasize in variety and creativity. The finest of raw materials, the high quality standards and our customers, are the reasons that motivate for over 20 years. They are focused on learning by doing, constantly improving ourselves in order to be an excellent business partner.

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Greece | Thessaloniki | Nea Efkarpia | Myloi 10 | Postal Code: 56429
Call them: +30 2310683009
Fax them: +30 2310683079


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