Kourikos S.A.

Kourikos S.A. spices industry, produces, packages, and trades spices and herbs, since its establishment in 1971, in Thessaloniki’s historical district, Ladadica. It maintains this tradition at their modern production facilities in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. In order to meet the consumers’ needs, they sample their products and check their quality, they try different methods of production, and they design new products. With their experience in the food industry, they work responsibly and create long-term trusting relationships with their customers.

Original Flavors

Easter has come in Greece and it’s time to get Our Eggs Colored. So, let me tell you a short story. A father called me and asked me to get to his place and teach some Kids Ηow and Why we (Greeks) get our Eggs Colored! It’s educational time and I love that! I thought that, if I want to have the desired result i should ask help from the experts! So, I called Kourikos S.A.

The quality of the products is their primary concern. Beyond the experience and knowledge they have, the company is ensured through compliance of the International Standards ISO9001:2000 and HACCP|ISO 22000.

The company produce exclusively Greek high quality Oregano through modern equipment and of course Egg Painting Products maintaining the Greek tradition.

Ready to Cook

Spices, Mixes of Spices, Herbs, Tea, Herbal Blends, Aromatic Plants, Pastry and Confectionery Products, Coffee.

Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας

Greece | Thessaloniki | Industrial Area of Sindos | Block 39A | PO Box : 1189 | Postal Code : 57022
Call Them : +302310796448 / Fax Them : +302310796447 / Website / Facebook

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